Productivity Apps, OSX Edition

Feb 26, 2017

Productivity Apps, OSX Edition

During the course of writing my new book, I began to cleanup and re-evaluate the applications that I use on a day to day basis. I am constantly looking to save time wherever possible. Here are my results for OSX presently. Other operating systems to follow soon:


Spotify This holds my several playlists from winding down to working out.

Noisli I use this as background music for when I am trying to get in the zone.

Time Management:

Tomight Pomodoro timer, simple interface with nothing fancy. Great to go heads down on a project.


Scrivener 2 I use this for composing my new book and various research documents.

Spark Email The best email client that I have found for OSX.

Evernote I do all of my journaling, notetaking, and work related write-ups here.

Browsers & Extensions:

Chrome A decent web browser ;)

Signal I use this for messaging friends and family.

Pocket Anything that is TL;DR goes to pocket. This is especially useful for Hacker News items that I find but am in the middle of something.

OneTab Tired of having 300 tabs open in Chrome. This provides an innovative solution to managing this common problem.

LastPass One of multiple password managers that I use.

Ad Nausem This extension, removed from the Chromestore can still be installed manually. It provides all of the ad blocking potential of other ad blockers but also provides confusion to the advertisers by randomly clicking ads on your behalf.

File Sharing:

Google Drive

Software Development:

Clion C and C++ development

PyCharm Python development

IntelliJ Java & Scala development


LastPass One of multiple password managers that I use.

Pass All command line, all password manager. Backed by git too!