Acronyms @ Mozilla

Apr 9, 2020

Acronyms, Nicknames, and specific definitions @ Mozilla

A confusing part of being a software engineer at Mozilla is all of the acronyms at play. Given the open source nature of Mozilla, I have created a listing of those that I encounter often and am sharing those here along with links that point to those resources. There are certainly tons more but these have been beneficial to me as I ramp up.


  • AMO ->

  • BMO -> Bugzilla

  • FxA -> Firefox Accounts

  • IC -> Individual Contributor

  • MAU -> Monthly Average User

  • MDN -> Mozilla Developer Network

  • MoCo -> Mozilla Corporation

  • MoFo -> Mozilla Foundation

  • ML -> Machine Learning

  • SUMO ->


  • Fenix -> Firefox Android Browser

  • Mana -> Confluence


  • Chemspill -> an urgent problem in a product that requires immediate effort in response.

  • Face mute -> When you are on a video call and turn your camera off. Example: “I am going face mute while I fetch a cup of coffee.”

Random Learning of the Day:

The word Hydra has many meanings:

I only knew of the first and apparently am not well versed in comics.