Modern C++ compilation - part 2, docker'd

Aug 9, 2015

Dockerize it

In the last post, we covered creating a modern build environment and since then, I added Boost and Google Bazel to the image. Bazel is the open source version of Google’s Blaze build system. It is pretty cool to use so I added it to the docker image to make it easy to use. Additionally a separate docker image was created that builds a Hello Blaze project.

But what the heck is Bazel?

“Bazel is a build tool, i.e. a tool that will run compilers and tests to assemble your software, similar to Make, Ant, Gradle, Buck, Pants, and Maven.” Reference…more info here

Run it!

  • git clone

  • cd hello-bazel

  • docker build -t hello-bazel .

  • docker -it hello-bazel

  • cd /project && bazel build //b